Tue May 17, 2016 9:22 pm

Fished out of Howth on Sunday.

Nice day out but not a massive amount to show for it.

I had a dog, two cod about 30-35cm and a whiting of maybe 25cm

There where also another dog and whiting on the boat.

All came in on crab.


Re: Howth

Wed May 18, 2016 8:38 am

Hi Martin

There's two marks worth trying if you are fishing from a private boat as opposed to a charter - the first is known as the Nose of Howth and is marked by a sea stack and the split rock , also known as puck's rock. There's a reef about 80 metres offshore which you can fish but if you want you can move in and fish around the stack for Pollack and specimen wrasse. Rag would be a good investment. I used to have a small boat and did this a lot. Excellent if tricky mark owing to the fast currents outside slack water...

The reef usually holds a decent head of Pollack, nothing big but decent for east coast and its sufficiently far out that shore anglers rarely trouble it even if they made their way down onto the split rock. You can pick up coalfish and whiting and dogs on it too... rough ground fishing, make sure to use a rotten bottom...

The other mark is the sea stack behind Ireland's eye. This is far more popular but it does produce good wrasse and is often a haunt for mackerel when they are scarce out in the open water. Again its all rough ground fishing so elastics bands or similar to the leads are a good idea. If you fish ragworm on a flowing trace (5 metres) off an eddystone boom or similar, you can pick up codling and rumour has it some small haddock, but you need to be bumping the lead off the bottom and on the margins of the sand further out. Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything showing as the brother still lives in Baldoyle and might be tempted to move off the sofa!!!!

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