Fair Game, Cork Harbour

Mon May 19, 2014 12:53 pm

People: Me, My Brother and My dad

Duration: Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning



Bait: Lures

Rigs: Jig Heads

Results: Pollack, Pouthing, Coalie, Codling

Report: The weather's been pretty bad since we put the new boat in the water over easter so I was itching to get out for a proper run. I took the day off work on thursday and my brother and me headed out for the day. It was grand and calm so we headed out of the harbour to drift a few reefs. The fish weren't too big but we were getting plenty of them from the first drift. Pollack were coming in steady and most of them were around the 3 or 4 lb range but a few bigger ones to 6 lb. We were using light lure rods and jig heads so all the fish were putting up a great fight on the gear. The fish finder was showing fish at a range of depths and we started to pick up a few coalies in among the pollack and the odd codling to about 1.5 lb. My brother started with the feathers to see if there was any chance of a few macks but he was just picking up string after string of small coalies. The fishing slowed down in the evening so we headed back into the harbour and had a few drops at dognose bank but all we were getting was small whiting so we called it a day soon after. Friday was much the same as was saturday morning. My dad came along on satureday instead of my brother. The fog was thick on saturday morning so it made things a bit tough but we still managed a few fish. Hoping to get out again thisevening so I'll let ye know how i do. Thanks for reading and for the help I've received over the last few weeks on here.
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Re: Fair Game, Cork Harbour

Mon May 19, 2014 2:42 pm

jeasus looks like a cracker of a day all round

Re: Fair Game, Cork Harbour

Wed May 21, 2014 8:48 am

nice fishing!