DirtyDog, DINGLE, 18/04

Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:31 pm

People: Myself and two friends Florian & Finn

Duration: 2hrs

Tide: first two hours of flood

Weather: calm

Bait: N/A

Rigs: SavageGear Sandeels

Results: Five pollock


On account of the fine weather i decided i'd take advantage of my day off and go for a short trip on the boat, i rang Florian and he was up for it so he brought Finn who had never caught a fish before so it was a compulsory mission. Steamed about a half mile from the harbours mouth and set up a few rods to drift over a reef i've had big fish from.
Lines in the water and a few drifts in Florian was the first to hook up, a small pollock of about 2lb but nice to get the day started. Another couple of drifts and he hooked up again and another pollock of about the same size. On the very next drift we broke Finn's fish-ginity and he was absolutely chuffed with his first fish about 3lb my guess. A nice light colored pollock that put a smile on his face for the whole day.
This all meant that i was sorely lagging behind with nothing for the score sheet so i threw down a string of feathers and a few drifts got me a small pollock. At least i was on the scoreboard... :shock:
Things dried up so we moved over to another mark off the cliffs and slowly drifted around there a few times. After losing my feathers i slapped the sandeel back on in hopes of a decent fish and sure enough i got absolutely hammered, the reel was absolutely screaming and bang the rod went light, reeled up and some how i pulled the hook! A small piece of rubber missing from the lure was the only evidence. Finally hooked into another fish and hauled it up about 3lb again but it would do for dinner.

A nice day out and always good to get a few fish. :)
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Re: DirtyDog, DINGLE, 18/04

Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:22 pm

nice one lad! mad to get out on the water again!!