SOUTHWESTERN, Dingle, 11/10/13 + 12/10/13

Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:56 pm

People: Myself, my brother and the the women first day, myself brother and buddy Florian second day

Duration: 4hrs both days

Tide: Ebb

Weather: Glorious, light swell first two hours then like a sheet of glass

Bait: SavageGear Sandeels in pearl and green,

Rigs: Shakespeare Exocet

Results: uncountable mackerel and five good pollack

Report: Well after purchasing a Shetland on Thursday we had two days off work so figured we'd use them. The first day we decided to take the girlfriends out to see the dolphin, mine had never been out to see him despite living here twenty years. After dotting around the harbour for an hour we went east from dingle to Sheragh and along the cliffs so they could take photos and take turns driving. After another two hours we headed back to get a few mackerel for dinner. Pulled out the light Abu Vendetta casting rod, slapped a green savagegear on it and trolled along the mouth, bang mack on, out again bang and out again, bang! three nice macks for the supper and we head back in to see fungi at his antics.

Today was all about fishing with no women to distract us and 2-stroke bought we headed down the pier. Set up three uptide rods for mack bashing and hopefully pollack. Steamed out to nice spot off the cliffs that the mackerel have been the last week and dropped lines, string after string after string of mackerel to the point of annoyance the two lads put out some squid jigs to see if the mackerel might let them go past, no luck! I pulled out my abu from yesterday and just fired in towards the rocks, let it sink and lightly jerked it along the reef then reel it up and let it sink down below us. After a few seconds lighting my cigarette I reeled up and BANG the rod doubled over it was bent over down to the reel put not quite taking line. After two minutes of slowly working it up towards the boat the net was required, a nice pollack of about 3.5lbs couple more casts out and the same thing again I was chatting and had let the lure sit went to reel and bang rod doubled over again but this time line started going out and i had a nice battle for five minutes taking line and letting it go and so on, again net required. Another nice pollock of about 4.5lbs! The two lads had by now gotten sick of pulling up mackerel, (we only kept the first ten) so pulled out the two devils and tried their luck the white savages. Things got quiet so moved west to drift off crow rock and again were plagued by mackerel so we sent down a running ledger with strip of mack but got no nibble after fifteen minutes and got sick of mackerel so we moved in toward the cliff so see if there was any pollack or wrasse there but no luck. Back over to our first spot and we had a bit to eat before throwing down the lures again, Robert was the first to hook up this time with a small pollack of about 2lb back he went. Then Florian's rod bent over and he pulled up a nice 3lber for his dinner. Things got quiet again so we got to chatting and i let the lure sit again and BANG the Vendetta doubled over and damn near pulled from my hand, the reel screamed and after a solid ten minute battle i finally got a look at the monster, but he must have seen me cuz he hit the bricks and went back down. Finally got him in the net and he tipped the scale at 6lb8oz!

By far the best sport I've had this year! few picks to follow have to get them off Florian.
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Re: SOUTHWESTERN, Dingle, 11/10/13 + 12/10/13

Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:59 pm

well done Sir. crackin pollack! great fishing 8) 8)

Re: SOUTHWESTERN, Dingle, 11/10/13 + 12/10/13

Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:36 am

Ya it was brilliant highly recommend light gear for big pollack!!