Kilmore Quay 6th September

Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:46 am

[Hellfishers S.A.C.[/b]:

7 hours:


Clear, :

Mackrel / Crab /:


8 Species inc Red Scorpion and 1 Seagull:

Set out from Kilmore Quay aboard the Lady Alison, skippered by Paul Bates Sept 6th. Our last charter trip for the year. Weather was clear,although reports were poor, expectations were high given this was the last outing of 2013 evryone was determined to 'fish the arse off it' . Mackrel were plentiful so we had a box filled in no time. All good we thought , now lets head out for something a little more interesting. If only things worked out as planned.... :lol: We could not get away from Mackrel... you could nearly walk on the bloody things! Heavier and heavier leads to try and rush the rigs to the bottom went on for most of the day. Mark after mark, same thing. Kilmore is alive with Macks. Eventually a low water mark and unsucessful uptiding session, we headed in for the kelp beds :wink: Long flowing snoods produced, Pollock, Cod, Smooth Hound, Doggies, Bull Huss, Baby sized Tope, Gunard, and a Red Scorpion fish. He was brought up on a strip of mackrel on a 2 hook flapper, the other snood holding a fine kelp coloured Cod. Seemingly very rare, I have heard only 4 caught previously ( someone might confirm that one for me please? )Last one caught was in Waterford and was placed in Sea Aquarium ? Anyway.... the final catch of the day was....a Seagull , :shock: When using long snood with mackrel strip, there is always that second when you are 'waiting for the lead to drag it down...this is eyed eagerly by the Seagull flock. As the Skipper cast his rig overboard, I heard a commotion '' :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ##**!!!!!!!&&##~~# :twisted: :evil: ''uckin seagull'' , I turned around to see the skipper wind him in' hellbent on getting his bit of Mackrel despite being tangled in skippers line, we all duly p*** ourselves laughing ( as is fair as he is the professional skipper , lol ) After the operation to release his 'flying catch was completed we headed back to shore. All happy considering the reports we had on way down was that fishing was poor. Eight Species... Nine if you count the Sea Gull ! Many thanks to Paul...will see you again early in 2014. :

iF ANYBODY CAN ASSIST ME IN GETTING FEW PHOTOS OF TRIP ATTACHED, I'D BE MOST GRATEFUL. At the moment I have them in my Hotmail account....ha ha will have to 'take it from there. .

Re: Kilmore Quay 6th September

Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:26 pm

sounds like a good trip bimmer well done

Re: Kilmore Quay 6th September

Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:15 pm

Great trip well done , heading out with Paul myself next week can't wait,any colour feathers work well or anything like that:)

Re: Kilmore Quay 6th September

Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:02 pm

Feathers of all types working for macks. But when over the kelp beds... an absolute killer.. long single snood as in 6ft plus, drift into the kelp, see if that scorpion shows up again :) Best of luck with your trip, great skipper, you be in good hands.

Re: Kilmore Quay 6th September

Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:58 pm

Thanks a million bimmer :) can't wait for it:)