Bluebird, Howth 25.08.13

Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:13 pm

People: Myself & Emma (well only myself fishing)

Duration: 2.00 - 4.00pm

Tide: Full

Weather: Lovely calm and hot day

Rigs: Just Feathers

Results: 19 Mackeral

Report: Well I think Emma must of felt sorry for me as I always say to her come out for a spot of fishing to my surprise on Friday she said yes and all arrangements were made.
Organised her brother to help push the boat out of the garden and back in again. If only I had a place I could store it or lay it up where I could reverse and pick it up and drop it back (i'd be in heaven).
Woke up Sunday and her brother let me down so a quick text to a friend of mine who lives near and to my surprise he was up (9.00am) with a sore head. So had the boat back at mine at 10.00am ready to go. At least I was. She was still in bed so by the time we (well herself) got herself ready it was pushing on. I was like a father to be in a waiting room waiting to hear the news, I was pacing up and down the house shouting are you ready. By the time we got the boat in the water I was ready for the days fishing. Now I knew Emma isn't keen on the boat or the water and gets sea sick very easy. So been the good husband to be I went to the chemist the night before and got some travel sickness tablets for her (she took at breakfast).
We motored to the south of islands eye and the amount of boats out was great to see.
Fished here for 20mins without a tap so, I moved in closer to where most of the boats were and two kayaks were. thought I must be able to pick up a few here. at this stage poor Emma wasn't looking the best. I gave there a good go for another 20mins without any joy. I knew my time was running out so I seen a calm bit of water and headed to this (well I though the whole sea was calm, but where I headed it was like a pond). So I Said I will try here for 20mins and head in then. I didn't want to be cleaning sick off the boat anyway.
it was a stoke of luck was able to pick up mackerel on nearly every drop. I would of got more if she put a rod in her hand or I didn't spend half my time killing them before they went into the bucket (as she didn't want to hear them flutter about dying).
So after I had my fun I headed back in with some fish for herself and her mother. And I got some fishing in not much but something to smile about.
Meet a boat that went out at the same time as myself at the slip he was coming in to pick someone up to head back and all he had for the same time was 1 Mackeral. Told him where I was getting them so I hope he got his fair share when he went over.
Seen a load of birds diving and not one boat moved over to where it was happening, if I wasn't on them at the time I would of motored over.
Got home and her brother let me down again to getting the boat back into the garden. So quick phone call to the next door neighbour to where the boat is stored and roped him in with a bribe of a few fish.
So all in all a good couple of hours and got some bait into the new chest freezer herself bought me so roll on to the next time till I get out again.
Must stop clogging up the boat reports with little reports from Howth but every little helps.

Re: Bluebird, Howth 25.08.13

Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:06 pm

Nice report mate, every little helps alright