Bellavista Blues Bonanza

Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:41 am

After our trip from a couple of weeks ago Alan and I had the taste for more as the weather had interfered with our plans on the sharks.
We had agreed a return plan agreed with Kevin and the weather was the deciding factor so with a couple of good days on the way we off on our travels again.
On arrival we had a brief chat with Kevin got our room and headed to town for an evening meal. Again we visited 'Trade Winds' where we were served an excellent meal along with a fine pint of the black stuff.
Next morning stuffed and pack lunch in hand we head to the marina for the boat which was exactly the same one as last time, think I have been out more days on this craft this year than my own.
First job was the bait and some rubby dubby. Out to the banks at Roche's Point and it was all done in 20 minutes with mackerel coming in at 6 at a time every drop. Thinking our mackies are here on their holidays as the whole harbour is filled with them. So much so we counted over 100 anglers fishing the piers around Cobh the night before and they were all catching, great to see so many kids doing something that is healthy.
We then set sail for the mark from last time but with a bit of a chop on its going to be an hour to get there, could have went faster but I quite like my ribs in the place where they were designed to be.
First job is get the rubby sack out and then out go 2 baits fished at different depths.
The wait is on so the Gar rod is set up but we don't start straight away as previous experience has shown us a lot of effort straight away can be unrewarding but by letting the slick do its job then they tend to stick around once in the trail.
About 1.5hrs pass when that great sound of the clicker going rings out and it's Alan first up. A feisty fight ensues and about 15 minutes later we have boated a blue of about 45lbs for him. A great start, it's always good to get the score sheet started.
It's about 10 minutes after that fish has been returned when the other rod goes and by process of elimination it's mine. I hit this fish and as usual off its goes like a proverbial express train. This time it's like it stops to catch its breath before going on a 2nd run and again a quick breathe catch and a 3rd run. This is a bit special as I have gained hee haw at this point and the reel is half empty. Over the next 15 minutes I gain it all back and the line it takes in runs 4,5 & 6 each time they get shorter until she's at the boat. It's a belter!
The debate is to T bar at the side or not, well you've just got to have the trophy shot?
The tail of the tape puts her at 160lbs so she is a new PB for me and I can tell you she took some posing for the camera before she swam away.
Knackered and happy I sit down and no sooner I had Alan is the case, for the next 2 hours we boat a fish every 20 minutes in the 40-60lb range.
A lull follows and we are able to get onto the Gars and boat a couple of small ones when I'm looking down into the water and see a large shape which is now making a bee line to the bag. It's a big fish and Alan quickly winds in his bait and drops it next to the bag. Bingo it has no hesitation in swallowing the offering. Hook set and nothing. Jagging it does nothing, it's strange this beast doesn't know it's hooked! I pull the leader and surface the fish, ah now there's a reaction and it disappears at a rate of knots, game on.
After about 6 good runs we get her to the T bar and it's approx about the 100lb mark.
Back to the Gar rod and I'm just about to land a really good sized fish when off goes the shark rod again. Seems silly but I'm torn between weighing it etc and getting stuck into the run, gar returned I get into the days tenth shark. Again another fish around the 50lb mark, a couple of hours later when I have boated the days 12th fish we decided 6 apiece is a good point to stop added to the fact we need mackies for tomorrow's and we have an hour back to port.
Day 2 follows exactly the same pattern with the initial waiting time before the first shark appears. The numbers are one better for the day which gives a total of 13 and 25 for the trip. However today's fish are all in the 40-70lb range. The gars are playing ball and the time flashes past we are so busy. What a trip this has turned into.
We get to the harbour and find a spare hour, yup the lure of the mullet was too much and we slip the net under 3 fish of which 2 would went past 5lbs easily.
That was just greedy, like eating a final chocolate when you have just had a box full.

Re: Bellavista Blues Bonanza

Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:49 am

nice one Dale, sounds like a great weekend. good report.