Bluebird Howth 26.07.13

Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:25 pm

People: Myeslf & derek

Duration: 4.30 - 9.30

Tide: Out and just after the turn when we came in

Weather: We didn't get a drop of rain when we were on the water. couldn't believe our look. slight wind/gusts

Bait: Feathers, Mackeral, & Rag

Results: Grey Grunard, whiting, Doggies, Dabs, & Mackeral (18)

decided on Monday that with me finishing work at 3pm on Friday we will head for the open water. Picked Derek up on the way home and got to the house got the gear and then headed to get the boat. just as we got the boat out of the Aunties garden the heavens opened. Thought to ourselves here we go a miserable evening fishing.
We got to howth and had the boat in the water in no time and got going to the back of the island.
We got the feathers out and then after about 15mins got 4no mackerel (very thin on the ground) so we decided to keep with the feathers but get two bait rods out. we had some craic as they are very light tackle. Some good size dogs. the whiting we were getting were about 25cms nothing special but great to see them going all back alive for another day.
Derek got his first ever grey gurnard so e was delighted with himself as he has got 3 new species on his last three trips.
Stayed out till 9.30pm as I knew it be tight getting back into the slip in howth as it was a very low tide (any excuse to stay out later).
Getting the boat out the new winch worked a dream.
Great to be out on a evening where everywhere in Ireland seem to get flooded and we didn't get a drop of rain. Could hear the thunder and lighting over near Baldoyle and Malahide.
We even got a propoise surfacing near the boat which topped the trip off perfectly.

Re: Bluebird Howth 26.07.13

Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:18 pm

Sounds like a good session,,,and nice few species too.