3 outings one report .

Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:40 pm

3 of us.


Weather: fantastic

Crab mack sand eel

1st report. We went to try out. A friends boat since he got the engine done. So at the pier at 8 and lines in I at 10,. We fished on the drift for most of the day and we had pollack plenty , mack not mainly tho, Whiting ling cookoo rass ballen, . Went to the Ankor o a mark one of the lads new and we picked up
dogs , Huss to 13lb my catch and a PB for me and conger. So with tired arms we called it a day.
2nd report. Myself and the better half took out my curragh for a spin. First for mac and only one landed. Then a few pollack , drift was slow and it was roasting ,so with sand eel I brought we fished hard to the bottom to see what species we could find. Dogs were first off the bottom then , I got gurnard we got whiting and more gurnard, the drift picked up, so we got to the rough ground quickly with ling cookoo and poor cod. More dogs and whiting . Wind got up so time for home.
3rd report. At pier for a crazy hour 4/5 am fishing for mack first and it was plenty full but only took what we needed we also got good pollack too mixed with the macs,? never seen that before, so we decide to head to the deep but as we rapped up a whale breached the water right beside the boat a fin whale I was told it waited around for a while breaching 5 or 6 times ,it made the trip for us, some sight to see, so off we went and it went quite tides were agents us now so a few drifts and a few small fish landed we said time for the Ankor . Me first with a conger about 5lb and dogs came to us all. I picked a nice Huss of 10 lb . And the others were busy picking up conger and dogs. It went quite and as we were talking my rod took a solid nod nod nod nod . And i struck and it struck back :shock: with the drag set it headed off for its home and I could not stop it a conger defo I was using a 20/50lb Dawia rod with 50lb braid and it was either line rod or me to break. With a massive head shake and a battle of 3 minutes it let go and it was the fish of the day gone , I know there has been conger up to 50/60lb got wrapped in pots in that area so it could be a possibility . As I said when the joking started " at least we know she is down there and she is unharmed " just very cross. So with that the other lads rod nodded and he landed a 15lb conger fine fish. So that's the report all I can say is time to beef up the gear cause I'm heading back out. Good luck all Injoy the weather while you can.

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Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:34 am

welldone. where did you frish

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Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:52 am

Nice selection of fish fair play. The big one is always the one that gets away. :)

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Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:49 am

Moody Marlin wrote:Nice selection of fish fair play. The big one is always the one that gets away. :)[ ya it seems to be the way . I would of liked to see it tho it gave me one of the best hits I've had ,
lad123 wrote:welldone. where did you frish
clew Bay Area lad 123.

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Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:36 pm

Nice report!