Huntress,Killalla,18 july.

Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:09 am

People:Me & Charlie


Tide:High water

Weather:fine & sunny


Rigs:long trace

Results:pollock & macks

Report:Arrived at 8.30 to miss low water,Fixed a small oil leak on the engine,ran the engine to check , but noticed fuel leaking from the pump! Removed pump to find it leaking from the top of the primer.Now low water so boat sat on the mud! Took the pump to every spares shop in Ballina and surrounding areas with no success.Returned to the boat and started to pack up to return home. The owner of the boat on our outside arrived and discussed our problem and on looking at the pump told me he had a pump at home, 5 minutes away. The pump was brought, checked& bought & fitted but would not prime! Checked and found it reversed on the flange! Turned it around and all seemed good ,system bled ,engine started. Thanks J. You were a savior. It was now 2.30 so out we went in lovely weather,found some macks for bait & caught some pollock . Then the FOG came in. We decided to head in, so with Radar & plotter on managed to avoid the hundreds of crab pots & slid past Donal on LEAH out on an evening mack trip. Then the engine DIED! 300m from the sand bar,dropped the anchor,started to check the engine, looked liked filters blocked! A quik call to donal & he picked us &towed us home.Thanks Donal you are a savior. Floated the boat back to its space ,changed the filters ,primed the system & and the engine started! Ran the engine to check and noticed the turbo leaking and the original oil leak still leaking.8.30 going home ! OH THE JOYS OF BOATING!

Re: Huntress,Killalla,18 july.

Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:38 am

there was a bit of commotion in killala that day along with your own,some strange boat beached itself on the southwall bank earlier before you came in,the girl Kathleen had to tug her off,he didn't come into the harbour at all,,just headed out again,,strange,,fishing is improving greatly too I hear