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Bass Hunter, W Waterford / E Cork, 4th & 5th July

Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:32 am

People: Me and 2 others

Duration: 2 hours on 4th and 5 hours on 5th

Tide 4th dropping and 5th rising

Weather: Heaven

Bait: lures and feathers

Results: Millions of pollock

Launched my boat in Ferrypoint on Thursday evening and headed out to try for some bass. All we caught was 3 pollock.
On Friday we tried for bass for 1.5 hours without a sign of a fish. With the water like a millpond I decided to head out deep to catch some mackerel, pollock, cod and whatever else was there. Mackerel were a priority and everybody wanted some for dinner. I was also going to a BBQ last night and wanted to bring some with me.

Up went 3 sets of 5 feathers and down they went towards the bottom. With a couple of seconds a fish grabbed my feathers on the way down, followed by another and then another. :D :D :D Great must be mackerel. :?: My light rod was buckled and the other 2 lads were experiencing the same. Up came 15 pollock :D :D :D . For the next hour we had a full house of pollock and coalies each drop. In fact they shoal could be seen clearly on the sounder and there was a ball of fish from the surface right to the bottom. It was great fun and most of the fish were returned. We had no 5 or 6lb fish but we had sore arms at the end of it all. Then all of a sudden the fish stopped feeding. Somebody turned out the lights down there.

We tried in several spots for mackerel but not a one was to be found.

3 happy fishermen went home.

No photos as fishing was too frantic

Talking to other boats very few mackerel are being caught around this area at the moment. I have never experienced this before as ther are usually in by the beginning of June or even earlier.........very strange :!: :!:

Re: Bass Hunter, W Waterford / E Cork, 4th & 5th July

Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:20 pm

Nice to hear a few pollock being caught well done:)

Re: Bass Hunter, W Waterford / E Cork, 4th & 5th July

Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:15 pm

Saw your back on the mooring alright Stan,if it wasn't for the plaice,rays and pollock the fishing would be very bad

Re: Bass Hunter, W Waterford / E Cork, 4th & 5th July

Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:13 pm

Yep am almost right beside your Warrior...... temporary situation as my mooring had to be checked. All OK now and so will be back in normal place tomorrow :D :D .

Going to put some serious effort into bass this week.

If that does not work will try for ray. Never put any effort in for them before but know of some beaches where they are caught.

Might see you outside on water at some stage. Hope this brilliant weather keeps up

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