19th cork harbour

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19th cork harbour

Postby peakle » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:11 pm


Duration:0930 1600

Tide:flood some ebb

Weather:calm and windy later

Bait:rag maddies crab razor squid


Results:whiting, dab, plaice, dogs, haddock, pollack, poor cod,grey gurnard,red band fish i think

Report: headed out yesterday few dab whiting to start, then headed deep into glorious flat sea.more whiting and some nice haddock caught before i brought up a long pnky red fish first time seeing it think it a red band fish wind came up then so headed back inshore picked up some hefty pollack on way in and finshed up with some dab plaice and good whiting.



species 2014(8)cod,coalie,flounder,dog, pollack,bass, turbot,twaite shad

specimen 2014 twaite shad
species 2013(36)flounder, shore rockling, dog, coalie,cod, whiting, dab, poor cod, pollack, grey gurnard, red gurnard, pouting, haddock, thornback ray, grey mullet,ballen wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, scorpion fish, bass,blonde ray, plaice, herring, conger, golden grey mullet, red band fish, turbot, ling, garfish, scad, gold shinny, tom pot blenny, smooth hound, bullhuss, cork wing, dragonet, lesser weaver, painted ray.

specimen 2013 16 golden grey mullet, 1 scad, 1 red gurnard.

species 2012(39) whiting, coalie, flounder,dogfish, poor cod, cod, bass, shore rockling, ling,cuckoo wrasse, ballen, grey gurnard, red gurnard, three bearded rockling, mackeral, plaice, dab, pollack, grey mullet,haddock.conger,gold shinny,cork wing, blonde ray, lesser weaver, megrim, dragonet, thornback , tub gurnard, blue shark, scad, bull huss, tompot blenny, sea scorpion, goby, painted , garfish, pouting,

specimen2012 plaice red gurnard

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Re: 19th cork harbour

Postby JOHN1 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:24 pm

well done peakle great fishing nice haddock :wink: the red band fish is a great one for your species list 8)
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Re: 19th cork harbour

Postby Stan » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:55 pm

Never heard of red band fish. Well done!!
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Re: 19th cork harbour

Postby agardiner22 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:09 pm

Stan wrote:Never heard of red band fish. Well done!!

me too!
Always CAR! unless its a pollock...!

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Re: 19th cork harbour

Postby ark rose glenn » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:42 pm

Well done on the red band great to add to the species list. Brilliant session well done
Species 2014; coalie, whiting,flounder, smoothound, LSD, codling, pollock,pouting, cookoo wrasse, goldsinny wrasse, mackerel, blue shark, conger eel, rock goby, blenny, plaice, dab, herring, poor cod,painted ray, weaver,
Species 2013:......Whiting, dab , flounder, codling, pouting, mackeral, dogfish, pollock, 3beard rocking,plaice, smoothound, blenny.
Species 2012:...whiting, dab, flounder, codling, pollock, conger,mackeral, herring, 3 beard rockling,
5 beard rockling, pouting, LSD,sea trout,scorpion,
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Re: 19th cork harbour

Postby mann » Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:08 pm

Strange looking thing, I too have never seen one of these it looks like a weaver fish who's mother was had by an eel who's mother was had by a randy gurnard,

Well done on another first,
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