Lazy trip to Pollock rock

Mon May 27, 2013 3:10 am

People: Me & the hangover of a lifetime

Weather Real nice

Results: 2 small Pollock and cured from the drink

Report: I shall return

After the bones of 2 weeks celebrating birthdays weddings and any other excuse I could find to get to the pub I decided to hit cork harbour to clear the head,

The plan was to just have a couple of pints and get home early on Friday evening so I could be well rested for a trip down at 7am :roll:

But things happen… one pint led to another and it was around 2am by the time the gaffer chucked us out, on Saturday I got to Aghada at 7pm and sit there looking out at the boat thinking I should have been coming back from ‘Pollock rock’ about now :cry: The other thought was should I go to Rosie’s bar to cure myself,

Thought I had better go look for a couple of trees to hang my hammock, Found a nice quiet spot at Rostellan where I sweated out 2 weeks of poison.. The hammock is waterproof and non breathable so that didn’t help,

After about 2 hours of broken sleep the dawn chorus started off around 4am with one lone blast from a wood pigeon that must have been just over my head… I thought here we go :( sure enough he woke every bird within miles making it impossible for me to get back to sleep so I just lay there trying to figure out what birds made what noise, got bored with that around 5am so got up and made breakfast -Pot noodle / dry bread & coffee,

Cant say for sure but it must have been around 11am that I finally got to Pollock rock where I really was much too knackered to fish as much as I wanted which in turn is my excuse for only catching 2 small Pollock but I was well pleased at the fact that I actually got there at last :D I had never been around that area before,

Spent about an hour or so there before deciding to hit back to Aghada before I went into a coma, took no pictures of the fish so you will have to take my word on that :) But here is my camp set up that I would highly recommend to anyone as mad as myself that doesn’t like sleeping amongst the creepy crawlies,

Might sound like I had a rough time of it but I enjoyed it immensely, it was just the hangover that got to me (should have had a couple in Rosie’s)

2013-05-26 05.26.21.jpg

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Re: Lazy trip to Pollock rock

Mon May 27, 2013 8:28 am

Perfect way to detox!

Re: Lazy trip to Pollock rock

Mon May 27, 2013 10:45 am

Yer a hard Mann all right! :D Thanks for the laugh, helped clear my own post-weekend booze fog.....

Re: Lazy trip to Pollock rock

Wed May 29, 2013 1:29 am

stox 1 wrote:Perfect way to detox!

Stox man your not wrong

The peace and quiet of the area really was amazing, The good thing about this set up is nobody would even know you / I was there 8

Hugo wrote:Yer a hard Mann all right! :D Thanks for the laugh, helped clear my own post-weekend booze fog.....

Hi Hugo

:) Happy to hear you got the drift of my trip, it was wicked man and things still keep popping into my head about it, Showed a few pictures of the trip to the lads when I got home and for some reason they said I should go and get my head examined :) :D :D :D