Dunany Point Co. Louth.

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Dunany Point Co. Louth.

Postby Fish magnet » Mon Sep 26, 2005 8:06 pm

People: Kiwi Tony and I

Duration: 3 Hours either side of Low water.

Tide: neapish

Weather: North west 4 to 5. Southerly swell from previous days gales.

Bait: Mackerel and Rag

Rigs: Hokkais and ledgers

Results: 2 tope, 22lb and 25lb, 2 smoothhounds, 5 small coalies, 26 mackerel, numerous micro whiting and codling and LSD's

Report: Tried a couple of local marks in the hope of a tope or two or mayby a ray. Started fishing at the buoy for macks, very scarse, anchored up inside next, over mixed ground,pestered by tiny stuff on rag, and LSDs on mackerel, wind picked up so we moved in to shelter behind the point, got the tope in here on freelined flappers ,as well as the two smoothies, we also lost two other tope, and failed to hook up in another couple. It's good to see that they are still around in numbers.
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