clare dragoon, carrigaholt, 7/11/11

Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:02 pm

People: romofa, helmut, mikesound, brendan, jw plus 2 german lads

Duration: 0800-1700

Tide: high at 5

Weather: wintery, swell bigger than it said on the internet, fresh SE wind, the bird sh1t has been power washed off the cliffs :shock:

Bait: mac, rag

Rigs: pollack lures, one hook wrasse rigs

Results: mackerel, pollack, poor cod, ballans, cuckoos. and scad

Report: the only non-joey mackerel i saw was when i let my sabiki lure sink
below the shoals of joey mackerel at loop head, grabber by a whopper of a pollack, when lifted
on board he spat out a fine mackerel :-)

the boat was like a flibbertigibbet with very fast drift and a messy sea, one of two reefs
produced a few decent pollack, 16oz leads fished best. The wrasse are still plentiful at
loop head but have started the process of winterising their summer homes and moving
out to deeper water, this one was caught on the bottom in 43 meters of water.
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Re: clare dragoon, carrigaholt, 7/11/11

Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:52 pm

great to get out jw . were you disappointed with your day?a very short report by your standard :o and the picture of the wrasse he looks happier than you do :lol: .looks like the fishing was slow every where last weekend :shock: