Cork 6th Nov

Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:26 pm

People:myself and two friends (on my friends boat)

Duration: 10am to 5pm



Bait: whiting

Rigs: hokkais, feathers, gummi's and pirks

Results: 1 cod (2lb), 6 pin whiting (3 inches), 1 ling, 1 cukoo wrasse, 2 pollock and one coalfish (2lb)

Report:What a terrible days fishing!

I don't normally do reports as my fishing is fairly average... but I'll stick this up to see if anyone else had the same.

The whole day was spent outside the harbour, we started diving first... viz on the surface was 2m but on the ground it was less than one meter... The diving was nice and refreshing but with such bad viz we decided to get the rods out.

well we tried every known mark and spot that we could all the way from the roches point to the anchorage, pollock rock and in along the shore.

Couldnt get a mackeral for neither love nore money and without the oily scent trail we couldnt catch a single cod.

We tried their usual haunting grounds and then we tried a few wrecks and eventually, cod and tired we called it a day.

We decided for one more drop at east 4 buoy and caught a single lone 2lb codling...

Thinking about it diving and fishing... the water is wayyy to mank for any fish to see further than 50cm so you'd want to hit them on the head with it. Therefore I reckon cod are going hungry and when you land a little bit of peeler from the shore they are coming from miles to scoop it up.

Anyone else had similiar results?

Bad days fishing beats a good days anything else however ;)


One of the lads, kept the cod and coaley they rest went back bar 2 whiting for bait.

Re: Cork 6th Nov

Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:40 pm

At least you didnt blank :? We had our first ever blank boat day in August this year. :shock: The waters we normally fish never really settled down and cleared properly this year, as was confirmed by local divers. Too much unbroken rough weather.

Re: Cork 6th Nov

Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:23 am

hi i also fished cork on sunday 9 to 4.30 in a boat comp fished out of lower aghada we had 10 species fishing was slow lack of drift was the main problem we had all the bait needed few cod to 5 lb haddock 2 lb plenty of macs joeys and bigger ones red gurnards i know some boats went wrecking and this was not great a few fish nothing to write home about fishing has slowed down

Re: Cork 6th Nov

Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:59 am

Ya... at least we didn't blank... but the fishing did pick up when we came back into the harbour... crazy... Even the commercials we chatted to weren't catching.

And surely inside the harbour the vis would have been even worse... but I guess with bait you could get a sent trail going.

Well done on the comp, I'd love some haddock... anything to size? twas a fab day to be on the water either way :)

But I do feel I'll be brushing the cobwebs off the shore gear soon! and head torch. :)