Killary, Co. Galway

Tue Sep 13, 2005 12:25 pm

People:Myself and 2 friends, James and Noel

Duration:6 hours

Tide:full to low tide

Weather:calm with sunny spells, northerly wind

Bait:mackeral, squid, baited muppets, pirks etc.


Results:Loads of mackeral, plenty of pollock, 1 coalie, dogfish in plague proportions and 6 thornback ray

Report: After a poor shore fishing session in Clare the weekend before, decided to head back to familiar ground and took out the curragh from Rossroe in the Killary. We intended to go after pollock off one of the offshore Islands outside the Killary as we have got plenty of big pollock up to 10lb there in the past. However, not to many big lads turned up and the fishing was slower than usual.
After changing to tackle ray, we got non stop action with fish on every drop, the majority being lsds but we managed 6 ray up to about 7lb.
Not a bad trip at all but now I move to Cork for 3 years and am looking forward to tackling some of the marks down there!!