MIssy Moo, Bangor, 11/09/05

Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:16 am

People: MIllisle RBL Sea Angling Club

Duration: 10am - 5pm

Tide: Wet.

Weather: Bloody Choppy!

Bait: Rag, Mackeral.

Rigs: Feathers, Leadheads, Flowing traces.

Results: 1 Ling, Some Codling, Pollack, Coalies, Wrasse to about 2.5lb, A Scarcity of Mackeral, Whiting, Pouting, Gurnard.

Report: To quote a Friend it was 'Rough as a Badgers Armpits', But besides that there were a few fish, Went to MIllisle hoping for a Few Biggies but didn't Happen, A Ling and a Codling were all that Showed, So back to the Island where we picked up a few more codling then shot the Anchor on the Ulrika, Great fun with Pollack and Coalies and Wrasse here... All in all a great day.