Kilary Fjord, Mayo 1.8.2005

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Kilary Fjord, Mayo 1.8.2005

Postby kieran » Mon Aug 01, 2005 10:42 pm


Myself, Colin Brett and Bruce Vaughan


2 pm to 8 pm


HT 4 pm 3 metres, LW 10 PM 1.5 metres


Calm, light breeze swinging fron N to SW, overcast


sandeel, mackerel, various feathers, jigs and lures


wide variety, mostly paternoster ranging in scale from 1/0s to 8/0s.


Mackerel by the bucketful, dogfish, 1 thornback, small pollack, and 1 bull huss.


Mackerel were scarce initially but Colin knew a bay that would hold them, and it did but damned if we could find the right depth. Some on the bottom, some skittering whitebait on the surface... small silver feathers worked best. Bruce had a roach fry fly that proved the best by a mile...

Started bait fishing into the muddy bottom around 4 pm and it took a while to pick up (with the tide). Tried a badly mangled mackerel flapper on an 8/0 hoping for something big and wasn't disappointed. Got a decent bull huss (high single figures) to the boat side and thankfully the bugger slipped off :wink: Fishing was quite until the tide picked up, at which point the smaller baits took a load of dogfish. Colin persisted with filling a bucket with mackerel for the family, friends and freezer and Bruce was getting lots of dogfish, including a few close to specimen size. One good run again on the 8/0 loaded with a mackerel head produced a nice thornback around 6 lbs, maybe bigger or smaller, quite a stocky fish.

We were fishing within a 40 metre lob cast of the northern shore, anchored up in 60 feet of water over a mud bottom. The leads would lodge and take an age to get out, even with fish on!

Anyone know what shape lead would best suit mud?

We also pulled up a fair bit of tubeworm coral, some dead some still alive. Amazing stuff. Put it all back. All in all a nice day and with the promise of far better fishing to come, as this was a first try at bottom bait fishing here. Access is from a small slipway at the bottom of Bundorragha River.

Many thanks to Bruce and the Skipper, Colin "Mako" Brett for the day out.
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stick in the mud

Postby Davy Murdoch » Fri Aug 12, 2005 10:25 am

you can buy flat leads specially made for fishing on mud.not sure what size they go up to but i had some at 5oz.haven`t a clue where to get them anymore but a sledge hammer will flatten whatever size lead you need. :)
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