Megabyte - Annascaul/Dingle Bay Sat July 9th 2005

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Megabyte - Annascaul/Dingle Bay Sat July 9th 2005

Postby SeanP » Mon Jul 11, 2005 12:08 am

People:Myself & BigCol

Duration:10am to 6pm

Tide:Low water 1-50pm

Weather: Sunny, calm, hot


Rigs:Uptide, downtide, single hook

Results: Still struggled to find Mackerel out from Annascaul slip so we motored up to Minard seemed to be plenty there. Once we got the bait we were heading to the channel at the end of Inch when we came across a bank that looked promising, anchored up there for a couple of hours, had a good few Thornbacks, a small Sea trout, still trying for those and had quite a few nibbles from them just need to refine the tatctics a bit yet! I had about 3 good takes that resulted in getting abraded/cut at the hook (25/30lb line) not sure what they were, fairly sure they were not Tope. Now for the one that really got us going, I saw a really big fish swirl on the surface about 20yds from the boat, just saw its tail and it was big, must have been 20lbs :shock: then a few minutes later Col had a rattle on his rod and started the usual heave Ho! :D (he guessed maybe a Mack or seatrout) then that big fish again made a big swirl and grabbed Col's fish, and did it go, off like the clappers, unfortunately Col's reel could not keep up and snapped off :( we think it was a big Bass. It really looks a promising mark there, but suspect only on the ebb, tried again on the way back in on the flood and only a few doggies.
The main quarry of the day was the Tope in the channel but unfortunately the weed was causing a bit of trouble and we didn't succeed this time although Col had some good ray and just one small Tope.
Good day all the same.

Col with a 14lber

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Postby bigkev » Mon Jul 11, 2005 1:53 pm

Wheeooowh! Are you sure thats the dingle peninsula?
Very tropical looking.
Lovely thornback Col. Next time, hang on to that bass!

We're out tomorrow after the tope , with Dave_b looking to get his first
Will keep you posted.

At least daves digital camera works properly, we might actually post some pics
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Postby bigcol » Mon Jul 11, 2005 6:46 pm

Nice to see a photo of me where i don't look drunk. :D Cheers Sean.It really was a fab day out.That bank will definatly warant further investigating.That big fish that got away really had me buzzing.I had the drag set light and when the fish I had on started to come up(it was only 16 feet depth)was grabbed by a huge fish that exploded on the surface and birds nested me before snapping 15lb line like it was thread :( .We had already seen this fish swirling on the surface and it looked like a huge bass.Can't wait to get out there again.
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