"Shamrock 1" Mary Gavin Hughes, Newport 14th and 1

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"Shamrock 1" Mary Gavin Hughes, Newport 14th and 1

Postby getthecreelsin » Sat Jul 09, 2005 1:40 pm

People: Me, Da, Uncle Alex, Bubba, Flannery.

Duration: 9.00am - 5.00pm on the 14th and 15th june


Weather:first day was overcast and breezy so we tied upp to one of the many almon cages for most of the day. Second day washot sunny weather so we got out to the skate mark (and got a tan)


Rigs:First day we set up for doggies, bullhuss and ray with a flowing trace of 60lb line to a 4/0 hook. Second day set up with 200lb trace for skate with 8/0 hooks.

Results:numerous doggies, two good bullhuss, 4-5 thornback rays, 1 huge skate.

Report:on day one the weather forced us to tie up to a salmon cage out of the swell. we fished mackeral chunks all day with everyone catching numerous dogfish, bubba managed a nice bullhuss as did flannery, bubba also had his first thornback ray. i caught the biggest mackeral i have ever seen, over 1 1/2 lb on a thin stip of mackeral fished on the bottom.

on day two the weather was better so we headed out to one of marys many skate marks and sent 5 large mackeral fillets to the sea bed. the day began with the usual run of dogfish, at around lunchtime i had a nice tornie, no sooner had i got it aboard than bubbas reel was screeming with a run from a skate.it took him 45 back breaking minutes to land (he even had to take his hat off!?!) it measured 6 feet 4 inches from nose to tail and 4 feet 8 inches across the wings. it was tagged and released carefully back to its home. we had one more skate run on da's rod but didnt manage to hook it. the daty finished with a couple more thornies coming to the boat. all in all it was an enjoyable couple of days with the great hospitality only bettered by the fabulous fishing had by all. :D


got the pics up

Postby getthecreelsin » Tue Aug 30, 2005 5:08 pm

pics of the skate and my first thornie have now been posted. sorry it took so long. (problems with the camera)

enjoy. :D

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