Swilly Explorer, Rathmullan - Sun 26 June '05

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Swilly Explorer, Rathmullan - Sun 26 June '05

Postby JGF » Tue Jun 28, 2005 9:30 am

People: JGF, arthurg & 7 others mostly from the Swilly S.A.C.

Duration: 9am - 5pm (fishing 10-4).

Weather: Warm & Sunny - little or no wind.

Bait: Mackerel, Pouting.

Rigs: Feathers, Hokkais, Flying Collars with shads (inc. hook guard!) & jellyworms, flowing traces / spoon rigs baited w/ mackerel and the occasional Pirk.

Results: Mackerel, Pouting, Whiting, and countless Coalfish, Pollock & Ling

Report: I'll post the concise version of the day's fishing in this familiar format and we can leave it to arthurg to follow it up with another cracking no holds barred work of genius!

We had planned a trip to one of the 'far wrecks' out of the Swilly after the Tope festival a couple of weeks ago, depending on the weather - and thankfully if co-operated 100%.

Initially we planned to go to the 'Justicia', about 20 miles off shore, however we ended up heading to the wreck of the 'Audacious', and we were not disappointed.

After picking up some mackerel for bait, we got to the wreck, and immediately were into hoardes of coalies - fish every drop being taken by all on board. It was getting hard to get through them down to the wreck, they were taking everything from shads, baited hokkais right through to baited hooks intended for Ling.

http://www.sea-angling-ireland.org/bull ... pic_id=231

Anyone that did get through them was rewarded with large pollock nearly every drop - being taken on shads, jellyworms and mackerel baits.

Eventually the coalies dispersed and we started to get more Pollock to about 9lbs and lots of Ling to about 7lbs.

I finally had a bit of good luck on my side and in addition to going well at the cards on the journey out, i ended up with the largest fish of the day - a lovely pollock that fell to an 8" sandeel lure. However i also lost the best fish of the day - an even bigger pollock possibly 11lb+ which got to the top of the water, but had taken me under the boat & out the back only to turn it's head on the surface and spit the shad from it's mouth. Luckily i didnt get to see the creature but those who did said it was a great fish. (skipper nearly managed to get the net round it before it recovered it's energy & dived out of sight). Still you can't have it all your own way!

http://www.sea-angling-ireland.org/bull ... pic_id=233

I'll leave arthurg to pad this out with all the necessary slagging that will probably be well deserved for those who get it! (If he ever gets back to work)

An interesting thing was the number of Ling that fell to shads - especially blue & chartreuse colours - anyone else ever find this happening?

One final point that made us laugh was that i managed to catch a suicidal Pouting on a 10/0 hook baited with mackerel fillets!

Have a few photos i'll post later.
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