Meridian, Killybegs, 26/06/05

Mon Jun 27, 2005 9:47 am

People: Millisle Angling Club (Not the One I'm in)

Duration: 10am - 5pm

Tide: Wet.

Weather: Scorcher! :D

Bait: Mackeral, Squid, Sandeel, Rag

Rigs: Everything Under the Sun,

Results: Loads of Pollack to 9lb, Wrasse - Ballan/Cuckoo, Mackeral, Coalfish.

Report: Ummmm, I love Donegal.... Is there anyone in Donegal who would be willing to take me in? We First Stopped at St Johns Point for a Box of Mackeral, which certainly didnt take Long, then moved on out to a Shallow Reef System around some rocks that were Jutting out, Pollack Averaging 3lb were coming in Regularly, and the Biggest of the Day came to a Powerbait Firetail on a Leadhead, which performed unbelievably on D. McCormicks Ugly Stick Spinning Rod.
On another note, the Return Journey saw a Huge Pod of Dolphins working a Shoal of Mackeral, One of the Most Beautiful Sights I've ever had the Priveledge to watch while Sea Angling...