Enterprise, Rathmullan, Skipper Niall Doherty 19/06/05

Wed Jun 22, 2005 5:27 pm

People:Me and 7 others, only know 1 Danny Mcgonagle, sorry lads!

Duration:11:00am to 6.00pm

Tide:Havent a clue

Weather:Dry, varied periods of sunshine with a stiff breeze at times.


Rigs:Flowing traces, feathers, jellyworms on leadheads

Results:Tub, Red and Grey Gurnard, Ling, Haddock, Coalfish, Pouting, Mackerel, Plaice.

Report: Got off to a late start as some of the lads missed the ferry across from Buncrana and had to wait for the next one. Fishing on the day was poor. First stop was off the reef opposite Fanad lighthouse to try for pollack, no sign of any. Next stop was to try for mackerel for bait, it took us over an hour to boat about 20 of them wherever they were. Some nice Gurnard were also boated at this point approx 6. We then headed for Laurentic, the wreck that lies at the mouth of the Swilly.

Drifting over the wreck, the traditional method in the Swilly is to use baited feathers. On the day however this did not work, with all the lads using this approach picking up the odd mackerel. With the fishing being slow, I used a 6/7 foot flowing trace on a plastic boom ending in 3 coloured beads and a size 2 hook baited with a belly strip of mackerel. This proved deadly on the mark with numerous coalies, pouting, a small ling and the odd gurnard thrown in also. It was a fish every couple of minutes on a slow day.

With the majority of the lads not catching over the wreck, we moved onto a sandy mark. Again, mackerel strip on a flowing trace well outfished the baited feathers method. However, the only haddock and plaice of the day fell to feathers. Gurnard were coming over the side at this stage in a steady stream. I switched tactics at this time and tried for a tope using a mackerel flapper but to no avail.

We returned to the pollack mark, disappointingly, they were not on the feed at all. I did manage to hook one, a lovely fish of 7/8 pounds on a baited firetail jelly worm but unfortunately it was lost at the side of the boat whilst trying to net it. Thats life! :oops: There was only one other Pollack hooked, by Danny Mc, also on a firetail worm but it also threw the hook. They just werent on the feed at any stage, you could feel the odd one plucking at the bait on the retrieve but at no point could you have said they were interested!

Was pleased with the day myself as boated 7 species including my first ling and had a steady and varied stream of fish coming to the boat. Overall, anyone who persisted with baited feathers had a poor day, scaling down from 4/0 hokkais to a size 2 hook did the business on what was a difficult day.

Skipper Niall tried his best, it was my first outing with him and found him to be more than helpful and pleasant. Most of the boats in the vicinity were having similar issues on the day.

Thu Jun 23, 2005 10:56 am

I fish the Enterprise regularly and I'm sorry the Pollock weren't 'on song' for you as they are generally plentiful. On a day when they are just playing with the lures you really have to tackle down using very long, clear traces using light rods and small weights as the slightest resistance seems to put them off.

Seven species was a reasonable return and its a pity the Pollock was dropped, but hey, that's fishing and we've all been there.

If I'd known there was only 8 of you fishing I'd have tried to join you. The fishing wouldn't have been any better, but it would have given you someone additional to wind up!

Did the Cabin Boy (Angela) not go out with you? She is generally very good at lifting Pollock.

Give it another try - like my first wife .................... if it changes it can only be better!

Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:21 pm

Hi Arthur,

Pm me with a mobile number and ill give you a shout the next time were going out. Any charter we have booked has never been full. Too many pints in Huttons bar in Buncrana tends to sort the men from the boys when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning.

I enjoyed my trip out, it had been 12 months since I last fished the Swilly so it was good to be back. Its no odds about the pollack, it was going back anyway so saved me a job unhooking I suppose! At least thats my story and I'm sticking to it.