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n.coast ,causeway bank.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 1:16 pm
by Ronald
People:myself ,neil (boat owner),sean


Tide:lw 12.30hrs

Weather:fine and sunny

Bait:rag,launce, mackerel

Rigs:baited spoons ,jelly worms ,pirks

Results:grey gurnard ,plaice , dab , whiting , codling , pollack.

decided to launch boat at dunseverick harbour ,great place to put boat in water cos theres a lot less people around to get in the way ! arrived on the causeway bank expecting to find the place covered in boats due to the fine weather , 1 dory and no sign of any other boats left us a bit worried ,wondered if the place had been trawled :x after 2 lovely drifts down the bank we had only caught 4 dab about the size of your hand and 20ish grey gurnard up to 1lb ,not looking good .
done last drift further down the bank and right across the bay past portballintrae ,another couple of dab and 1 plaice settled it so we packed up the flattie gear and headed after the codling in close to the giants causeway ,even here only produced a few fish biggest around 3/4lb ,not having a good day .
As it was coming up to high water we tried out on the causeway face which is basically a under water cliff face around 200feet high and can only really be fished properly coming up to slack water .a couple of short drifts using shad and jellyworms on lead heads ,produced 5 pollack up to 5lb and neil lost one very good fish .
once the tide picked up we moved of the face to a mark near ballintoy
to fish for a few more pollack ,had plenty of fun with the fish using our we bait casters and storm sandeels seemed like the only thing worth using ,nothing big but not a bad way to finish the days fishing .
Nothing big but good fun anyway dont know whats happened the flatties on the bank this year ,normally loads of plaice around by this time ,still going to keep trying though .