Ramore Head Portrush 7/08/04

Mon Aug 09, 2004 5:15 pm

Decided to fish portrush on saturday ,forecast was for SE wind so ramore head would give plenty of shelter . Got some fresh mackrel fillets and pound of ragworm (fresh) from tackle shop in town centre and thought i'd try for bull huss in deep water of point of head .
plenty of wrasse about, none big average 1lb ,saw a few other guys fishing other side of head so went to talk to them ,turned out they post on site as well .mid conversation i saw my rod tip nodding a bit ran across rocks and struck into a good fish ,turned out to be conger 11.5lb ,worst thing was it took the rod meant for huss 4/0 hook 50lb pulley rig .big thanks to mad mo. he offered to hold rod while i clambered down rocks to grab trace (forgot gaff) .
ended day with over 40 wrasse mostly ballans few corkwing and rock cooks thrown in ,4 doggies up to 2lb ,3 congers to 11.5lb , 6 pollack up to 3/4lb ,2 coalies 1/2lb .Would have caught bigger pollack and coalies if i'd been spinning but caught them while fishing for wrasse on rag worms right at waters edge .parts of head are bout twenty feet deep right under your feet .
Had good conversation with mad mo. about the amount of rubbish lying around most if not all was from anglers ,doesn't say alot for our sport when you see the amount of plastic bags ,fishing line mono and braid ,surgical gloves and beer cans lying around .maybe tackle shops should stop giving plastic bags out with the bait ,its bagged already why give you more to leave lying around .
Other than the amount of rubbish lying around it was a fairly good day .

Mon Aug 09, 2004 6:23 pm

i second that, paper bags where possible. will mention it down at the local.