Near the Bailey, Howth

Sun Aug 08, 2004 11:44 am

Fishing at 6am this morning. Cast out a rag/squid combo on the pulley rig over near the rocks on the other side of the bay. Played around with some feathers on my other rod and hooked into a nice mackerel on my second cast. Set this rod up with a floating 2 hook flapper and cast in. Went back to my first rod and there was a clicking on the reel. The tip was nodding nicely and I pulled in to find MY FIRST WRASSE...WAHOOOO!! It was a good size and probably 3lb in weight. I was so delighted with that I had missed the float going under on the other rod! Hanging on there was a small pollack about 1lb. Just got him in and the pulley rig on the other rod was off again - with a mackerel hanging onto it! It was now 8am and that was without doubt the best 2 hours fishing I have had! Stayed for another hour before the waves looked too threatening as they crashed onto the rocks I was standing on. Those rocks are slippery when wet. The clouds were looming and so I headed home - happy nonetheless. Sorry about the photo - I put the camera on a rock and set the timer! Hard to focus when your so excited!!


Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:55 am

Nice Wrasse Ian!
Should have moved to the grassy section just above the one you were on for that pic. If its a high tide, that section does get covered, then I just climb up a bit and start again.