North Beach Greystones

Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:29 am

Started fishing @1.30pm and finished @ 5.45pm. Caught 9 dogfish usuing mackeral. just as the tide was turning about 50yards out, I saw what seemed to be a Bass jumping out of the water probably chasing sandeels.

Good fishing all the same. Will probably try Dollymount on Saturday for Bass.

Thu Aug 05, 2004 1:30 pm

Caught a doggie, a mackerel, a pollock, a couple of VERY small codling and m.b3 caught a plaice, a flounder and another VERY small codling last Saturday morning in Greystones. I too saw what looked like a small 1lb bass jumping out after fry about 10 yards off the end of the pier. There were also a lot of sandeels near the harbour. Tried to catch them on feathers, but hooked a small pollock instead!

weekend coming

Thu Aug 05, 2004 1:51 pm

Will you be heading out fishing this weekend coming?

Thu Aug 05, 2004 4:48 pm

If the weather is good, then yes. I usually fish in the morning before the other half gets up! I see the tide is up around 4:45 on Saturday and then falling. I usually fish on a rising tide, but might try a falling tide for fun. Trouble is, I'm a bit torn on where to fish!


Thu Aug 05, 2004 5:02 pm

Where in Dublin do u live?

Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:25 pm