Fanad Lighthouse, Co Donegal. 31st July.

Mon Aug 02, 2004 8:26 am

I was going to go after congor at Culdaff last weekend, but seeing as how the weather was fantastic, we decided to head to Fanad Lighthouse during the day instead (bad move - now I'm seriously sunburnt!)

Thanks to arthurg for the inspiration for this trip.

When we arrived there we tried to get to the rocks to the right of the lighthouse that Arthur had mentioned in the past. but I couldn't see any way through the bushes or down the cliff - so we moved over to the left hand side of the lighthouse. Fished the last 2 hours of the flood.

Spent the 1st half an hour/45 minutes with mackerel and ragworm hard on the bottom, in close and at distance (well, what I would call distance.) Absolutely nothing.

Then I noticed a kind of reef submerged in the high tide with a lot of kelp around it. It looked like good pollack territory, so I put on a wee black Eddystone Eel and took a 5lbs pollack on the first cast. Things were very quiet after that and I changed lures a few times, but still nothing. Eventually I changed back to the Eddystone and I was straight in again - this one just under 4lbs. Two lovely fish put back to fight another day.

As the tide was reaching it's height a very heavy swell kicked up and it was getting quite dangerous where we were, so we decided to call it a day and retreat - better safe than sorry. You have to respect the sea.

As arthurg said, this is a beautiful spot with plenty of potential. One thing though - it's INFESTED with tourists who become quite irritating after a while! "What are you doing? What are you fishing for? What is that for? Have you caught anything? What are you using? What is that called? Whats the point of catching them if you don't keep them for dinner? What does that do?"

Then the best bit - just up behind us a little bit was an elderly looking couple, who spoke (well, shouted) with American accents "Hey, look at that!" The old fella shouted, pointing down at us. "Two real live Irish fishermen! How cute!" :evil: Argh! Feck off and let us fish!

Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:25 am

pity you didnt try for conger at fanad ,plenty about ,couple of mates fished there at start of july had 3 to 15lb ,rag worm on lead head is a deadly method ,fish in deep channel in rocks on left of light house ,best spot we've found is left hand side of gully at very point of rocks cast towards malin head direction and fish worms along edge of rocks .

Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:41 am

ronald surgenor wrote:fish in deep channel in rocks on left of light house.

That's exactly where we were fishing, not for congor right enough. Is that the little gully just at the bottom of the steps coming down from the left hand side of the lighthouse?

As I said it looks like a good spot so ye never know...

Does spinning rag on a lead head pick up congor? :shock: You learn something new every day.

Can you fish for congor during the day also?

Mon Aug 02, 2004 3:00 pm

sorry meant use rag for pollack , gully is opposite car park right side takes you to lighthouse left is on same side as old ruins go down here onto rocky point , deep water right at your feet , ballyherian beach is also a good spot to try for turbot,flounder and sea trout ,also seen a couple of bass come of it .theres a rocky section in middle of beach with a stream to right ,fish at side of stream ,its a handy place to fall back on if theres a big swell running onto rocks at fanad .