Bailey Lighthouse

Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:31 am

Fished the left hand side under the Bailey 2 hours before and 1 hour after high tide at 7:20pm .
Used 2 rods, one with a float at about 10 feet and the other using a 2 boom scratching rig and a rotten bottom. Both with rag. Got 4 small Pollack all on the float. Not sure how rare these Dragonet thingies are because I got my second one here this year on the other rod. Also got another fish about 3/4 lbwhich looked like a cod but not sure what it was. Maybe a poor cod?? Did not have my camera with me. Crabs were also a pest. Will have to take Kieran's advice and start using squid as they are starting to be a real pest. Mind you I nearly landed one huge one but once they see you they let go. Also the price of rag is a bit steep. Only got about 20 this time for me 5 euros!
Moved around to the cliffs on the left hand side as you enter the gate to the Bailey just to try for about 10 minutes and got 2 nice Mackerel on Hokais for the pan in 2 casts!