St. John's Point, Donegal - 25/07/04

Sun Jul 25, 2004 9:27 pm

:evil: :evil: :evil:

I haven't been to St John's Point in about 2 or three years now, so I was really looking forward to todays trip, as we had always had lots of success there.

Four of us headed down armed with freshly purchased mackerel, sandeels and ragworm.

The tide was on it's way out when we arrived, but was still pretty high - I'd guess maybe an hour into the ebb.

Basically we had two rods on the bottom and two floating, trying all different types of combos of the above baits, and also using some snail-like shellfish I've always caught wrasse on before.

Not a tap. The rain was teaming down and the other three I was with didn't have the sense to bring wet gear. After about 3 hours we got fed up and went into Mellys in Killybegs for the best fish n chips in Ireland.

Really disappointed with today - it's the first time I've found/used ragworm and I've always been under the impression they were deadly for wrasse.

Ach well - that's fishing for ye...