Teelin Pier 17th July 04

Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:58 am

Three of us fished the rocks to the right hand side of Teelin Pier. Fished from 9am till 5pm. Used mackerel, and rag for bait. Pulley rigs with rotten bottoms and sliding float rigs were the best rig options.
We caught between 50 and 60 Ballan Wrasse up to about 2lb, small I know but good craic all the same. Mackrel were not plentiful but we got enough for fresh bait. Also caught pollock, coalies, launce, pouting, doggies.No real big fish caught, biggest pollock @ 2lb and coaly @ 3lb.
Good days fishing.

Week before fished same place, same methods and caught 3 Conger up to 8lb, pollock, coalies, wrasse, doggies, a ling of 2lb, and plenty of mackerel.

A good spot, but get there early as it can be a busy spot.