Fanad Lighthouse - Lough Swilly - Sun., 11th July

Thu Jul 15, 2004 3:11 pm

Now I really like fishing here. When the sun is out there's few places to beat it even if fish are scarce. On Sunday the fish weren't scarce!

Same three fishing as yesterday - my pal Michael, young Christopher and me.

Donegal were playing (or as it transpires weren't really playing - simply turning up) in the Ulster Final @ 2:30p.m. so we set off early to get a few hours in over high tide before we went to watch the match.

* Spinning got us good Pollock and Mackeral.

* Rag left over from yesterday (report elsewhere) got us Ballan Wrasse (though in fairness, nowhere as big as those caught at Doagh).

* Mackeral fired out at distance (though not excessive distance - I'm not that good at casting) got us Dogs, a Thornback and my first ever Blonde Ray.

* Then the wee bonus ............................... or not so wee as it turns out. I have to give Michael the credit here for it was his suggestion. How about using up the remaining Mackeral to try for Conger he said. Ach, probably a waste of time I replied. Four Conger later I apologised! My trusty scales only go up to 11.5 Lbs. One Conger was weighed at 8 and a bit. One escaped as we brought it up the rocks. The other two were weighed but were above the limits of the scales. Comparing them to the 8 Lber, we guessed them both at around 15Lbs.

Superb day ............................................ then we watched the match!