Doagh, Near Downings, Co Donegal - Sat., 10th July

Thu Jul 15, 2004 3:01 pm

Got some ragworm out of the blue on Saturday and went with a friend and an 8yr old novice to Doagh.

Now, I had never fished it before and when Michael told me where to park I have to say it looked very unlikely, however when we walked through the field there was some high rocks that looked as if they had some potential.

We tried for Pollock at first but all we did was lose tackle.

Michael went a bit further round and said it looked good. Young Christopher and I followed and I was really pleased that we had rag as the rocks fell away to form a horse-shoe shaped bay with vertical sides and easy fishing positions. Certain Wrasse country.

I'll keep the post short - we all caught plenty of Ballan Wrasse and they were good ones. I was delighted that the best one fell to the younster and came in at 2Lb 9oz on the scales that I now always carry. That sure has him hooked!!!

An unusual catch ended the day and although I don't like killing fish, I kept this one to check what it was as I hadn't a clue at first. On checking my reference book, then finding another photo in a magazine I confirmed that it was a 'Short-Spined Sea Scorpion'. I forgot to weigh it though it wasn't big. In length it was around 5" - in fact when I took it home it measured exactly from one side to the other of a side-plate. An ugly wee critter it was too!

If anyone fancies easy Wrasse fishing this is it. Take Atlantic Drive through Downings to Doagh. Just before the river crosses the road turn left down the lane - there are about three houses and a caravan on the left with the small beach on the right. Go through the gate and follow the path across the field. Head for the high ground on the right. There is a jump across a gully - nothing much more than a big step but the gully is a good 30' down, so no good for the infirm or those with wee legs (we just threw Christopher over much to his annoyance!!!)

Keep going until you find the horse-shoe shaped inlet - its obvious.

Good fishing (and remember to put them back for me to catch another time!)