Newcastle Beach

Mon Jul 12, 2004 11:21 am

Fished this mark Sunday Evening, from 6pm -> 9pm. I agree with description on site re this mark. Third time fishing here and this was definitely the last chance saloon as previous 2 occasions had caught nothing, like yourself not a single bite. However last night proved different, nothing until high tide, then 4 plaice and 1 dogfish. Largest plaice was 8 oz, barely fit for the table. Dogfish around 1.5 lbs. So at least there are fish there!. Terrible time with weed until tide slacked off, then started to get bites about 60 - 80 yards out, just to the left of steps down from tracks (turn left after level crossing). Tide maybe key to fishing here, tide pulled everything along and back up beach (even with grip leads) until water slacked off and switched to watch lead. Once high water reached everything settled down and bait stayed still so maybe 1 hour either side of high/low water suits.