Split Rock Howth + Bailey

Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:24 pm

Early start at 4:30am with Mark m.b3. Had a quick session for macks on the low rocks before Balscadden to no avail, so went to the split rock. Dolphins were surfacing in front of us near the hidden reef, so I had that fishy feeling!

Second cast brought in 3 good sized mackerel on 3 tinsel feathers. 2 dropped off bringing them up the rocks, but the one that made it looks tasty! Moved over to the south rock of the split as it looked more fishy. 2 small pollock on tinsel feathers and a nice 1.5lb pollock took the coloured feathers here. Had a good bite on the pulley rig, but when I pulled it in, the hook had been bitten off half way down the snood and the rest was really roughed up. I only made the rig last night and this was only the second cast! Spooky fishy - wish it had stayed on though!!

No other bites on float or pulley, so decided to head for the Bailey. Got there at about 10am. Second cast on the feathers brought in a joey mackerel. Next cast landed in the middle of a fishing party of birds - guillemots - the ones that look like small penguins! It was a nice cast, but the guillemot didn't think so!! It complained bitterly as it was hauled in. Only one small cut to his leg and a few ruffled feathers and he was on his way again. A while later, a small pollock came in on the feathers. 2 small dabs on the pulley rig and that was about it. Sounds a lot, but it seemed quiet for 7 hours fishing.

Poor old Mark was sleepy as he had not managed to get any sleep since getting in early in the wee hours. That'll teach him to go out partying!

Baits on the float and pulley were mainly rag, with the odd helping of squid and mussel thrown in for good measure.

Still have some bait left, so am thinking about the Lion's Head tomorrow. Though a later start me thinks!


Fishing is.......Pollocks!

Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:26 pm

Sorry, that was me! Forgot to login. :oops: