Little Killary, Co. Galway

Mon Jun 28, 2004 10:56 am

Little Killary, Co. Galway. 3-9 pm low water at 6 pm wind South force 5/6 sunny intervals, the odd shower

Met JAKES off the forum and he brought me to a spot on little Killary in Galway. Photos to follow in the gallery, page 5. I was all set up for the (cancelled, just as well, very rough out there) boat trip so as a consequence he had to put up with my raiding his kit and bait bags! I'd have taken his sambos too except for the tomato sauce :lol:

Five Thornbacks, up to c. 5 lbs. came ashore. I was really surprised at how well they fought. It is a very deep water mark with a nasty kelp bed under your feet and they really use their wings well to kite around the place. First time I've had a ray pull line of the 535 on a strong drag!

I caught a solitary dogfish but Peter had a plague of them, several double shots, well into double figures, including a bizarre final one of a Mackerel and a Dogfish! The best fell just three ounces short of the 3 lbs shore specimen mark, most were in the 1.5- 2 lb range. He also took one solitary Whiting which was converted into conger baits but with no results bar a few lost rigs.

Towards the end I took four Mackerel and two small Pollack (under 1 lb)on the incoming tide on a german sprat - several people tried feathers but got no takers.

Peter says the mark also produces flatfish with big Dabs to the fore, smaller gurnard and Fiachra from the Corraun SAC says that up to 17 species have been recorded there in competition. It fishes at any stage of the tide bar slack periods, with according to the local scuba divers up to 12 metres of water in the middle at low water. Sandeel was best bait.

Lovely spot, sheltered from the south and it has a pet seagull called Paudge that will happily swallow unguarded mackerel whole!

BTW, Peter is a bit handy when it comes to the fishing. Very handy, and his brother only took Six bass that morning in Tramore, from 1.5 - 5 lbs. Enough said!

I'll second that report...

Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:04 pm

We were out there with these lads yesterday at this lovely spot but had a slow start. For myself the action didn't start happening 'till Kieran gave me a Greman Sprat to try as they were packing up. Thanks Kieran... I promptly caught two mackeral (One eaten by their pet gull) and then as it the sun began to fade it was game on for us all. I caught six dogs and a very small conger eel amazing fun. Fiachra had another six dogs. whiting, mackeral, and a nice size thornback ray. Pauric (Fiachra's brother) also had a memorable occasion with three dogs, two pollock, and a nice 5Lb conger eel. I also tried fly fishing off the rocks for pollock but found the kelp to be a pain. We fished late into the night and indeed could have stayed longer it was that good. I won't forget that venue and would recomend it to anyone. Unfortunately, I'm off to Germany for three years but I can't wait to return and fish here again. Thanks Fiacra and Pauric for a great day out. Cheers, Dave. :D