Shannon Airport Jetty

Sat Jun 19, 2004 11:09 pm

I flew out of Shannon Airport a few weeks ago anyone know if the fishing is any good this far up.

Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:13 am

I don't think you'd get access into the Jetty and the rest of the area would be closed off with George W coming. Rinnena creek is a good winter flounder venue and there should be mullet there in the summer. Try contacting Neilus.


Tue Jul 20, 2004 2:19 pm

The security dont like people fishing there but I have caught whiting smelt freshwatrer eels flounder and the odd dab from this mark on fish baits.
There is a breakwater which goes out as far as the main channel but I would not advise anyone to fish from here due to pollution and the danger of getting cut off from the tide.