Dust till Dawn

Sat Jun 19, 2004 2:59 pm

Dust till Dawn

8.7 mtr tide given in the tide book for 12:45am, so the plan was to fish from 10:30pm till 4am. The bait to be used lug worm, sand eel and squid.
This mark has produced flounder, dab, Pollock, poor cod, coalfish and doggies, LSD type.

The mark itself is easy to get to "4x4 permitting" as it involves diving along the side of the beach on soft sand for about half a mile, apart from that it's a matter of parking the car at the end of the road and walking, or fish in front of you! as the beach here in question is about 2 mile in length.
The part, I fish is mostly clean with the odd rock here and there. Starting at the top quite level sand running into a stepper shelve then a gravel gully and out onto a sand bank finishing into a rocky weed filled reef. Total from top to bottom of about 200yds.

The idea is to get one set of rigs fishing the gully this is where the round fish patrol and the flats are out on the sand bank, best rigs I have found are the wishbone and for long range a single clipped down rig, all hooks Kamasan B940 1/0 size.

So the plan was set, tackle made ready and loaded into the car and let the wheels down to 20psi. "just have to remember to drive slower on the road." All up and running for 10:30pm, fished as I thought hard until I ran out of bait at 3am.

And the catch was [blank] not a bite all night, just feed the bloody crabs.


No, I am not saying what beach I was at, if any one wants a nights fishing to bring home nothing , let me know.