Wed Jun 09, 2004 9:33 am

Fished brides head Wicklow 5-june on an evening flood for 2 hours just into darkness looking for pollack with german sprat, jelly worms and Hookais with not a bite. Though there was heap of seals about which wouldn't of helped matters. They are resident at wicklow head and can appear at ardmore point to the morrough. Went down to Wicklow pier and caught a small pollack with a german sprat in darkness.

Fished wicklow old pier 7-june from 8 to 10pm around low tide using frozen sand eel. Caught a codling just under the pound with my first cast and every cast after that I got a doggy. Then I caught a small whiting and after that my bait was being ripped off the hook as soon as it went in the water with no hook ups and I soon ran out.

During the days doggies are still being caught and a few Mackerel were caught over the weekend but its gets so packed I avoided it. There was a Getto blaster there when I went down on Monday. In the evenings the pier is empty but I've a black mark in my nail from unhooking doggies.


Mon Aug 23, 2004 10:54 am

I was in Wicklow last week but lots of small fish around robbing bait along with doggies. I was told fishing was poor at the moment what it the needed for a good storm to liven things up. But a shoulder injury put me off fishing for most of the week. Frankies in wicklow town's bait is usually alright with live rag and a frozen bait selection that can at times be quiet varied. The non-branded sand eel was exellent compared with the muck thats sold in Limerick.


wicklow harbour.

Tue Aug 24, 2004 12:07 am

I have fished the harbour two weekends running because there was to much weed on the beaches, the weekend before last i brought down a motley crew of people who never fished before , they consisted of a nephew and his two sons , and another nephew from teneriefe who never held a rod before. however it promised to be great fun ,i set up a rod and cast out and told my nephew to keep an eye on it. he taught he got a bite and reeled in. not a thing. set up a 3 meter pole with a size 8 hook two bb shot and a bit of rag told him to drop it down the side of the wall , he was only down and told me he was stuck , not a bit of it , a pollock about a pound. this went on all day the biggest pollock was about 1.75lb. he had great fun, there was loads of wrass and the odd pouting and poor cod and a fish i dont know what it was , it looked like a cross between a wrass and goby it had a long dorsel fin and two long pectoral fins with stripes like a perch along its back and a large tail. it had a large mouth with wrass like teeth and big lips anybody know what this is.