Carrickfergus Harbour. NI

Sun Jun 06, 2004 6:49 pm

Carrickfergus Harbour

5 June 04 from 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Catching the last 2+ hours of the ebb I was hoping that there may be a couple of L.S.D.'s about and possibly a good showing of flounder.

Nothing! just feed the crabs, as slack slowly appeared the fishing / bites die away till nothing.

An hour after the tide turned I pulled in the first fish catch of the evening, a small shore cod about 9 inches in length, this came from the clam tail beds to the left of the harbour and fell to rag. Within half an hour the second one, same size and weight only a deeper shade of red, I once again tried the fish baits off to the left and rag just towards the marker buoy that most the boats use to navigate into the dock area.

For some unknown reason the line for a second time snapped in mid air as I started to retrieve, down now to the one rod. Which on my last cast "this time in a middle of a heavy show of rain" I made a total birds nest and shot cast of 50 - 75yds. I give it time to fish as I cleared the rest of the tackle away and on retrieving I found a Pollock of about a 1lb in weight, again from the clam tail beds.

This place is easy fishing, handy for the car park of about 300yds clean level ground and if it rains, the pilots lookout "if that! is was it is?" thing at the end of the prier is handy to stand or sit under.

Bait used was: machine cut herring, sand eels, squid and rag worm.

I was also told that the harbour was at one time full of conger.


Sun Jun 06, 2004 10:01 pm

Dave Dave Dave.... No matter what they try to tell you, CARRICK is pants... You wanted to be on the other side of the Lough.... Where I was........ Catching Flatties..... Hand over fist...... Jealous?? I think so :P
... Try Ballyholme at Bangor for a good bag of Flounder. Ive fished Carrick twice.... Fished it Hard with 2 Rods... same with 2 Other mates... Pouting.... Pouting... Codling(Squirt)... POLLACK!!!... Pouting.... Whiting.... Pouting... Pouting... Pouting..... But I have heard reports of Thornies up round the Power station...

shore fish K2X

Sun Jun 06, 2004 10:22 pm

At times its best to bite hard and say nout

Confussion rules

Besides you where not there today!!!!!