Bailey LH Report

Tue Jun 01, 2004 10:39 am

Sunday 30th May - 1pm-5pm
Bait used was Sandeel, rag + peeler. Left side of Bailey, not my usual spot, but though would see what was happening. Took 5 dab to rag within first hour. Tried fishing through them using a 3/0 with rag tipped with peeler, then took another 3 dab :x .
Ledgered against rock face between single outcrop.....bout an hour later, hit into a Wrasse, just under 2lb, and what a fight. Straight after, a doggie, and that was the lot.

RNLI launch boat was around, as was the rescue helicopter, making very very slow passes....can only assume it was due to the body found at the castlerock area.