Baily Lighthouse, Howth, Report

Mon May 31, 2004 12:17 am

Baily Lighthouse(Far Left Side), Howth, Sunday 30th May 2004, 12-7pm
Bait: Rag, Lug, whites, Mackerel

We fished the same spot where Jhon 65 caught the pollack last week. It started off brilliantlly for me when I took a 1lb wrasse on legered ragworm. Not soon after I had a lovely wrasse of 1.5 lbs, a PB for me 8) (albeit a small one :oops:). The dab put in a show as always and I had five to my name. My mates also caught a large amount of pollack on rag and spinning with hokkai's(a very effective method especially the black fethered ones). A shanny was also caught on ragworm close in :o . I finished with seven fish and we had twenty four fish between us. I took a walk over to Web's Castle Rock(a.k.a The bull huss and big flounder mark). It is accesable, but barely, over a 2 foot "bridge" where both sides is a sheer drop, but there are decent fishing platforms at the front.

Ps( I also caught a seagull and a penguin type thing :shock: , but both where released safely :) , Its a major problem with the bird colony to the left, at one stage a bird banged into the line so hard my tripod nearly went for a swim :lol: )