Greystones Sat 15th May 2004

Sun May 16, 2004 8:41 pm

fished 2 1/2 hours either side of low water. tough going. very clear water and a surprising strong side wind. casting was a little difficult, had to step up to 6oz. to stop the line fluffing on my multiplier. casting between 30 -120 yards. baits were large king rag, small king rag, maddies, crab and sandeel in every coctail i could think of. tried lots of rigs, different coloured lines/ floating beads/ lighter snoods/ etc. even tried slowly twitching back baits but could not get much response. had 1 flounder to show for my efforts on this way. fell to a crab/ rag cocktail on an up an over rig (a design i had been working on, nice too know it works) with beads and attractor blades. used a plain lead. trace was 6' long! 20lb. line with 2' of 15lb. above the hook. i am sure the fish were there but weren't having it. i reckon a bit of movement in the water would have seen them go back on the feed. who knows? disappionting result, but we all have our bad days, don't we?!