Slea head,Dingle - 2nd may

Sat May 08, 2004 4:36 pm

Climbed up and down slea head
-weather great-Fished tide from low-high
Fished lovely sunshine into clear deep water. Fished with crab for wrasse and leadheads,spinners,jelly eels,feathers for mackerel and pollock.
Results for 8 hours hard fishing-nowt.
Not a bite
Not a nibble
Should I go on.
This is one of the great wrasse and pollock marks, but couldnt even claim a bite
A little early maybe, but I was still amazed to blank

Sat May 08, 2004 5:18 pm

Sorry you had a poor day, but it will make the next OK day seem really good. I fished off the north facing spur of Slea Head last July with my 2 sons and we had a great time. Son's first poor cast with a float resulted in a 5lb Pollock within 30 seconds. Very soon after we were into 4lb Wrasse followed by a few more and some viciuos bites. We tried lures and feathers and mackerel but only 1 bait worked - small green crabs with wiggly legs, either under a float or just free-lined. Picked up the crabs where the river runs into Dingle Bay to the west of the town.

Having said all that, I bet the fish just weren't there when you blanked!