North Dublin Rough Ground 16.08.2021

Mon Aug 16, 2021 9:41 am

When: 16/08/2021
Where: A new (to me) North Dublin rough ground mark
Duration: 05:00-08:30
High Water: 06:00
Equipment: 9ft Spinning rod
My Bait: Feathers and Shamrock Bass Attack Shallow Feed 128mm Blue Lazer
Conditions: Rough weather, cold, windy, bit of chop
Result: 1 Bass

Actually got out to this spot to try feathering for mackerel at the crack of dawn but fishing for 2 hours produced nothing! So I threw on a plug and started plugging. First signs of activity was what looked like a pollock jumping out of the water at my feet as I lifted the lure out of the water, quickly cast back out in the same direction and just as it passed over the same spot I got a take, I had the fish almost in but it gave one last head shake and it was gone. At least I knew there were some fish about, so I kept at it but another hour passes and I'm thinking of heading off and calling it a blank, but I gave it a few more casts for good luck and what would you know on my last cast I got the bass :D After checking he was legal size, I dispatched the fish and gutted it, in the process he spat up a few sprats and it was interesting to see how similar my lure looked to what he was eating!





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Re: North Dublin Rough Ground 16.08.2021

Tue Aug 17, 2021 11:45 am

Well done gonzo, that's a nice thick fish.

You were definitely matching the hatch there !