Telegraph Pole Howth 16.07.2021

Sat Jul 17, 2021 7:15 pm

When: 16/07/2021
Where: The telegraph pole, Howth
Who: Myself
Duration: 15:30-19:30
High Water: 17:00
Equipment: 11ft bass rod for feathering/baits and a 9ft spinning rod with a standard sea float and a size 2 crab hook.
My Bait: Feathers, spinners, peeler crab.
Conditions: Nice sunny day, flat calm and clear water
Result: A dogfish

Nice sunny day so headed to Howth (which was on fire) for some rock fishing! Started off the session by setting up the float with some crab and getting it out to the edge of rock which looked like it had some good deep water beside it, I kept repositioning the float and changing the depths for about an hour with nothing happening so left it out while feathering on the other rod. About an hour into the drop and not a fish in sight I decided to change my rig to a 2 hook flapper with crab hooks to see if there was anything happening on the bottom. First "bite" ended up being a big swimming crab, then went on to get a few more bites with no hookups. At one point a small porpoise swam no more than 10ft out from the rock I was fishing, I luckily got it on camera! Then shortly after I caught a dogfish which saved the blank. After packing everything up I took out a toby lure to spin for the last hour or so but no joy there either.





The porpoise footage:

Video Report:
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