Bray Harbour 18.06.2021

Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:51 pm

When: 18/06/2021
Where: North Dublin
Who: Myself & 2 friends from college
Duration: 16:00-19:00
High Water: 18:30
Equipment: 13ft bass rod, 15ft surf rod pennel pulley rigs. 11ft bass rod for the feathers.
My Bait: Frozen Peeler Crab & feathers
Conditions: Sunny and Choppy waters
Result: 1 Smooth Hound, 1 shore rockling

Met some friends from college in Bray for a quick session off the harbour, they were new to fishing so I was kinda teaching them about how to cast and all that. I brought 2 bait rods to use with peeler crab and a shorter rod for feathering in the off chance the odd mackerel might be about. An hour into the session we got a shore rockling and just packing up we got a decent smooth hound of 90cm and my friends couldn't believe it :lol: they thought we'd catch absolutely nothing down there :lol: Also saw plenty of mullet swimming about inside the harbour.



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