purteen harbour achill 13 june 2021

Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:16 am

I enjoyed a bizarre day yesterday out with my eldest son...

drive out from castlebar at 19 C to land at the bait collection point in cloud at 15 C.
Did very well focused on small crabs for wrasse with a few peeled thrown in for good measure... but as we drove further west beyond mulranny we found a thick sea hoar (fog) which made marks on the Atlantic Drive way too dangerous. HW due at 7 pm.

By 3 we were looking into the crystal clear waters of Purteen harbour and wondering how we could have sea mist and a chill wind.
By now it was 9 C and reports of 27 C were coming in from a mate in Kilkenny ... the basket.

We fished to HW with nothing to show beyond two runs off... wait for it... mullet which had attacked the small live crabs bait!
The circle hooks pulled on both occasions.
I have caught them here before on lugworm, but small live crabs, which they absolutely smashed, is a new one for me.

Saw a small turbot fiddling with mackerel strip but beyond that not a sausage. Bizarre.

No wrasse at all, very odd, no congers...
and freezing cold to boot!

But good to be out...

Re: purteen harbour achill 13 june 2021

Mon Jun 14, 2021 11:22 pm

Very strange for mullet! I've had some good mullet there before though. Also had a few bass on lures there last time out!