Freelining for Huss

Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:24 am

29th May
22:00- 00:30
Single hook pulley, 7/0 circle hook
squid, mack , sandeel

result: solitary huss

thanks To MB.3 for putting me onto this mark, I needed a break from the studio and had some bait left out to defrost for kayaking the next day , so I grabbed some of that, single 13ft rod and popped down to the mark, the tide was half way down. Nothing touching the baits for the first 2 hours bar some crabs, but each bait that came back mauled, got taken off and thrown into the weed at my feet. deciding to pack up , i put on my headlamp, only to see the eyes of huss snaffling amongst the bladderwrack to eat the discarded bait, along with spider crabs , shore crabs and some strange lads that look like ragworm wearing a small clam shell on their heads - they were swimming around at speed.
Anyhow , I clipped off the lead, put the last bit of Mack on and dropped the bait into the path of the huss. after a couple moments I could see my line moving off so I lifted into the huss. Perfectly hooked in the lower jaw as it seems to be with the circles but while using the t bar the hook length snapped at its' jaw.... not wanting to use my fingers, I left the fish in a rockpool while I popped back to the van for the pliers, hook out and fish went on it's away looking a little confused..

Here is a vertically filmed snippet of the fish

Re: Freelining for Huss

Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:11 pm

its a true saying, the huss are
literally under your feet at some marks.
Well done.